Why Feed Wild Birds

Feeding wild birds is a great hobby enjoyed by many.  It is an activity that allows one to become more acquainted with the great outdoors and fosters an appreciation of the natural world.  Feeding wild birds is something a person can enjoy whether in the country or in the largest of cities. 


By offering bird feeders you can provide a great viewing opportunity right in your own yard, deck, or porch.  With bird feeders you can turn any yard into a bird watching area!


During heavy snows and years with lean production of seeds and insects, your bird feeders can provide a lifesaving source of food during the cold winter months.  


Types of Wild Bird Feeders and Feed

There are many different types of bird feeders that come in a wide variety of shapes.  Each type of bird feeder will provide a preferred method of feeding for wild birds thus attracting a different suite of wild birds. 


There are as many different types of bird feed you can provide as there are varieties of bird feeders.  Each type of feed you provide will attract a different variety of wild birds.  The greater the variety of feed you provide the greater variety of birds you will see visiting your feeders.   


TUBE BIRD FEEDERS WITH BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER will attract goldfinches, chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice, redpolls, and pine siskins.

TRAY OR PLATFORM BIRD FEEDERS WITH BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER will attract cardinals, jays, crossbills, purple finches, white-throated sparrow, house finches, and white-crowned sparrows. 

TRAY OR PLATFORM BIRD FEEDERS -- WITH MILLET will attract doves, house sparrows, blackbirds, juncos, cowbirds, towhees, white-throated sparrows, tree sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, and chipping sparrows.

TRAY OR PLATFORM BIRD FEEDERS -- WITH CORN will attract starlings, house sparrows, grackles, jays, juncos, bobwhite quail, doves, and white-throated sparrows. 

PLATFORM BIRD FEEDERS OR TUBE BIRD FEEDERS WITH A TRAY -- WITH PEANUTS will attract cardinals, chickadees, grackles, house finches, titmice, house sparrows, starlings, mourning doves, white-throated sparrows, jays, and juncos. 

NIGER THISTLE BIRD FEEDERS WITH TRAY will attract goldfinches, house finches, purple finches, redpolls, pine siskins, doves, chickadees, song sparrows, dark-eyed juncos, and white-throated sparrows. 

NECTAR BIRD FEEDERS will attract hummingbirds, orioles, cardinals, tanagers, woodpeckers, finches, and thrushes. 

FRESH FRUIT BIRD FEEDERS will attract orioles, tanagers, mockingbirds, bluebirds, thrashers, cardinals, woodpeckers, jays, starlings, thrushes, and cedar waxwings

SUET BIRD FEEDERS will attract woodpeckers, wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, kinglets, thrashers, creepers, cardinals, and starlings. Species can vary depending on he quality and variety of suet offered. So by offering multiple varieties of Bird Suet you will attract a boarder variety of suet eating birds.

JELLY BIRD FEEDERS will attract oriels, woodpeckers, robins, grosbeaks, thrashers, cedar waxwings, cardinals, house finches, and tanagers.

Tree Bird Feeder

As you can see the wider variety of bird feed and bird feeders you maintain in your yard will determine the variety of wild birds you will see using your bird feeders.


The Tree Bird Feeder is the most multifunctional feeder available.  Its natural look will look right in place when it is full of wild birds enjoying its variety of food sources. 


A key component of the Tree Bird Feeder is its many perches. Birds prefer to feed where they feel safe from predators. They prefer a location that has cover close by so they can escape to safety if need be. The many perches on the Tree Bird Feeder provides this security for the feeding birds. The perches also provide many places for the birds to perch and hop around on the feeder, which will enhance your bird watching experience.