To help accomplish our "Mission" , Tree Bird Feeders LLC will allocate a portion of each sale to a grant fund.



1. Grant must be submitted by a sponsor who has purchased a Tree Bird Feeder.  If you have not registered as a sponsor you can do so at the bottom of this page. 


2. All grants will be approved by Tree Bird Feeders LLC.  Submission of a grant does not guarantee it will be approved. 


3. Grants may only be for the following organizations:  private and parochial schools (including preschools, elementary, middle and high schools), private daycare centers, private nursing homes (both skilled nursing and assisted living), and organized homeschool cooperatives.


4. Grant application must be completely filled out with sponsors signature and a representative of the organization receiving the grant. 


5. Grants are accepted on a continuous basis and are awarded based upon funds available in the grant program (grant funds are provided as a part of every sale of our Bird Feeders). 


Below is  the grant application that can be downloaded. We take applications on a continuous basis. Remember to apply for a grant you must be someone who has purchased a Tree Bird Feeder and registered as a sponsor. Sponsor registration is also on this page. If you have any questions about the grants program, contact us.



You must have purchased a Tree Bird Feeder to be qualified as a sponsor of the grant program. This includes any one of the line of bird feeders we manufacture and sell. Please register as a grant sponsor prior to submitting a grant with the application below.

Thanks for submitting!