Purpose of the Tree Bird Life Time Feeder Program is to: 


1.  Foster sustainability through recycling. 

2.  Provide our customers with a life time of enjoyment with their Tree Bird Feeder at an affordable replacement cost. 

3. Interact with our customer as a partner with a lifetime of support for their bird feeder. 


The Life Time Feeders cover our Hummingbird Feeders, Oriole Feeders and Tree Bird Limb Feeders only.



  1. Customers must register their new feeder within 30 days of purchase to qualify for the Life Time Feeder program by submitting the registration form below.

  2. Tree Bird Feeders LLC reserves the right to set a reasonable rate for the restocking fee and shipping and handling for feeder replacements and change those prices as needed to cover replacement cost.  To encourage recycling of feeders we will keep restocking fees as low as possible.

  3. Tree Bird Feeders LLC reserves the right to change and adapt this Life Time Feeder policy at anytime we feels necessary. 

  4. Shipping the old feeder is the responsibility of the customer and the new replacement feeder will not be shipped until the old feeder has been received and restocking fees paid.  

  5. Returned feeders must be in reasonable condition capable of being restored.  If it has not been cared for properly and in unrepairable condition it will not qualify for a replacement.  This means the exterior has been damaged beyond repair or the feeder has not been cleaned properly resulting in mold infestation or other health issues.  If a feeder is in questionable structural condition please contact us and send pictures and we will discuss if it is qualified to be replaced in the Life Time Feeder Program.  

  6. Replacement feeders will be a refurbished feeder(like New) if there aren't any available it will be replaced with the current most recent model and may not be exactly like the feeder being replaced.  Customers will have an option to pay a higher restocking fee to get it replaced with the new most recent model. 

  7. Recently purchased feeders that need to be replaced because of an issue does not need to be returned through the Life Time Feeder Program.  Please contact us if you have a problem or issue with a recently purchased feeder and we will get it taken care of appropriately.

  8. The Lifetime Feeder Program applies to our Hummingbird Trunk, Oriole Trunk and Limb Feeders. 

  9. The Lifetime Feeder Program is not transferrable and only replaceable to the original owner that registered a particular feeder. 



The current restocking fee is $5.00 plus S&H.  The upgrade option is $15.00 plus S&H.. 



Thanks for submitting!