Frequently Asked Questions

My refurbished feeder does not have a serial number on the tag. What do I use when I register my feeder?

When registering a refurbished feeder just enter "refurbished" in the box that ask for the serial number.

Are your hummingbird feeders easy to maintain as compared to other feeders?

Yes, our feeders are very easy to clean and since the nectar is insulated it does not require as frequent of nectar changes as do other feeders. Our feeders do not have a lot of nooks and crannies and small parts that have to be cleaned. Out feeder can be cleaned in about 30 seconds with our Tree Bird Feeders Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Kit. Our is the only feeder kit with a silicone brush.

Do you offer a Veterans Discount?

Yes, it is a 15% discount. Please contact us by email with proof of your veterans status and we will send you a coupon code.

Does the Cardinal Feeder attract other birds than cardinals?

Yes depending on the type of seeds you put in it. The feeder is designed with cardinals in mind but it will attract a variety of birds based upon the seeds you put in it. To attract cardinals use a cardinal mix or striped sunflower with white sallflower seed.

Can I run the hummingbird feeder parts through the dishwasher?

No, they are not dishwasher safe.

Our your feeders completely American Made?

Our wood comes from a local lumber yard and some woods are received not locally but with in the state. Our parts are made locally. The only thing that might not be American made is the screws and other hardware.

What's Your Customer Service

Our customer service policy is very simple. We treat our customers exactly the way we would want to be treated.