Who We Are and Who We Are Not

  1. We build our own bird feeders & sell them. We are not a middle man that sells bird feeders from other sources.
  2. We are a family operated small business. We are not a large business with lots of moving parts.
  3. We are a business more concerned with quality than volume. 
  4. We are a business whose customers have a name rather than an order number. 
  5. We are a business with a contact number (660) 973-6349 and email chirp@treebirdfeeders.com. We do not use chat robots or contract with call centers who know nothing about bird feeders to handle our customer service. 
  6. We are a business that emphasizes buying our supplies and parts locally as much as possible. We do our best to not purchase supplies from overseas. When we say "American Made" we mean it.
  7. We build bird feeders that are expensive because they are not cheaply made. You really do get what you pay for as is the case in most instances. Our bird feeders will still be going when others have fallen apart.