Our Hummingbird Feeders come in three sizes and a variety of woods.

Holds 10 fluid ounces with 4 feeding ports and perches.

Holds 24 fluid ounces with 8 feeding ports and perches.

Mega Trunks
Holds 51 fluid ounces with 8 feeding ports and perches.

The exterior wood shell is treated with non-toxic marine grade epoxy that brings out the beauty of the wood, provides extra protection, and makes it easy to clean.

Our hummingbird feeder feeding plates are treated with a mold preventative that helps to keep you feeder plate mold and mildew free.

Out hummingbird feeders come in cedar, red cedar, and ambrosia maple.

High-Quality Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird Feeders

All about Hummingbird Feeders

What type of hummingbird feeder are you looking for?

A Hummingbird Feeder Made in the USA?

An easy to clean Hummingbird Feeder that doesn't leak?

A Quality Hummingbird Feeder?

A way to support a Veteran Owned Small Business?

A hummingbird feeder that comes directly from the source it was made?

Customer service that is personal; My contact info is at the bottom of every page of this website.

Healthy Hummingbird Feeding

It's estimated that thousands of hummingbirds die every year from health problems due to dirty feeders and spoiled nectar. When designing our hummingbird feeder we kept this in mind.

Our hummingbird feeders are easy to clean with no intricate parts such as flowers and tubes that attract mold and mildew. The nectar in our hummingbird feeder is insulated and will keep nectar fresher and healthier than other feeders. We currently offer the only hummingbird feeder with a nontoxic mold and mildew prohibitor on our feeder plates.

Who We Are

We build our own bird feeders and sell them. We are not a middle man that sells bird feeders from other sources.

We are a family operated small business. We are not a large business with lots of moving parts.

We focus on quality more than volume.

We are a Veteran Owned Business.

Our customers have a name not just an order number.

We have a contact number (660) 973-6349 and email chirp@treebirdfeeders.com. We do not use chat bots or contract with call centers who know nothing about bird feeders to handle our customer service.

We are a business that emphasizes buying our supplies and parts locally as much as possible. We do our best to not purchase supplies from overseas. When we say "American Made" we mean it.

We build bird feeders that are expensive because they are not cheaply made. You really do get what you pay for as is the case in most instances. Our bird feeders will still be going when others have fallen apart.

  • Nancy P.

    Excellent quality. Exactly as advertised!

  • Donna E.

    Just hung Immediate visitors. Separated them more so they’d stop buzzing each other. Hope they are as durable as they appear!

  • Matthew S.

    Great customer service There was an item missed on my order, I called, they answered and that item was sent out the next day. And it’s a great looking, quality bird feeder.

  • Joan S.

    Work of Art Stunning workmanship. It managed to insulate the syrup during 25 degree weather.

  • Gyrn B.

    Ordering More We purchased a Red Cedar Trunk New Style and love it so much we are ordering 2 more!

  • Tracy D.

    Love this. Hummingbirds love it. Love this. Hummingbirds love it. Great quality. No ants or bees. Will purchase another one in the Spring.

  • Mary D.

    BEST Hummingbird Feeders I am now a proud owner of TWO hummingbird feeders and just received my song bird feeder. I had a couple old store-bought hummingbird feeders that I ended up giving away because once I put up Steve's handmade hummingbird feeders the hummingbirds would have NOTHING to DO w/the old ones. They LOVE the ones Steve made! I now always have hummingbirds in our courtyard, all day long. The feeders are very well built and Steve is quick to respond with any questions or concerned. Love that they are made in the USA! I will be purchasing more feeders soon.

  • William B.

    Hummingbird feeder’s We have purchased before and these feeders are made in USA and high quality. We have 4 now and hummingbirds love them.

  • Jeff B.

    Excellent Quality It is very obvious the craftsmanship and using excellent materials. No cheap flimsy plastic that easily get broken. These are made to last. Really appreciate the attention to deal and the packing of the product. Totally made my day when I found a little extra surprise inside the box. Keep up the great work.

  • Judy B.

    Love this feeder Usually birds take a week or so to get use to something new, having said that, nope our hummers and our ladder back woodpeckers are draining this every day or two… that’s ok as it’s really hot and I change the food out anyway every two days on my other feeders.. quality work and it will last a very long time. NO leaking and I love the view in the bottle to tell the level

  • Glen B.

    A beautiful unique made in America product. The cedar with its high gloss finish feeder is magnificent. Not only is it functional, it is a great addition to any landscape. I could not be happier with this purchase and would highly recommend this to all bird enthusiasts.

  • Rebecca K.

    Great Feeder! I sent this to my daughter as a Birthday present. She had hummingbirds visit the day after she put it up, which is amazing! It's also quite beautiful.