Lifetime Feeders

Only new feeders are eligible for the Lifetime Feeder Program. 

Purchase lifetime feeder fee with your order $10 per feeder.

When you receive your feeder register it on the Lifetime Feeders Page within 15 days.

To replace your feeder:

  • Go to the lifetime feeder’s product page by clicking here.
  • Place the order to pay the $15 return shipping and handling fee (if you are returning more than one feeder at the same time this fee is the total, so it is not a per feeder charge). You will have the option to purchase the lifetime feeder for the new feeder at this time. Print your receipt off and mail it to us with your original feeder. 
  • We will then ship you the new replacement feeder once we receive your old feeder.

*Prices are subject to change.

*If your feeder is a heritage feeder we will return it refurbished. This is because the heritage feeders are made of a different wood each year so we don't have new replacements in stock.  items. Perfect for everyday use. Exceptional quality and choice.

Lifetime Feeder Registration