Beautiful Vocal Birds

If you like beautiful vocal birds then you need an oriole feeder.  Offering food in your feeder will encourage these magnificent birds to nest nearby allowing you to hear their beautiful songs through the summer. 

The Tree Bird Feeder Oriole Trunk is the most unique Oriole Feeder on the market. It offers jelly and fruits. The inside of the chamber will hold a full jar of jelly and the jelly is protected from the sun and elements making it keep longer.

Our Oriole Feeders only come in Cedar.

Our Oriole Feeders

Oriole Tunk

  • Oriole Feeder

    I am very pleased with the new oriole feeder I purchased. The construction is top notch and beautiful too! It far exceeds the cheep plastic feeder that I had for less than a season. I look forward to enjoying my new feeder for years to come. I also appreciate the ant guard and love the ability to easily feed ant free jelly! Thanks

    Barbara S.

  • Beautiful Oriole Feeder

    We are so happy with our beautiful new Oriole feeder. The overall attention to detail and craftsmanship are really extraordinary. We cannot wait for the Orioles to arrive in the Spring.

    Amy H.

  • Oriole Feeder and Hummingbird Feeder

    Wonderful craftsmanship, lovely to see out our window, and the birds are enjoying them too! Thank you for your excellent customer service, keeping us updated on the status of delivery and the couple of extra touches included!

    Erika M

  • Oriole Trunk

    An excellent piece of craftsmanship! Very easy to fill and clean. This is the first year we have had orioles and they are enjoying the treats every morning.

    Sara F.

  • Tree bird Oriole Trunk Feeder

    Nice quality workmanship on this feeder! Birds already on it. Thanks Steve.

    Keith M.