Shipping & Returns

When you make a purchase you want to know your money is being well spent. You want some assurance that the product you are purchasing is going to last and be worth your time and hard earned money.

Myself, I've went through countless bird feeders in my lifetime. Over the years I've spent hundreds of dollars on off the shelf bird feeders mass produced in a factory no telling where. 

I've constructed our Tree Bird Feeders with durability in mind. Each bird feeder is handcrafted in a small shop right here in the United States. Each Tree Bird Feeder is built one at a time with attention to quality not quantity.

I figure if people are spending money to feed wild birds they are pretty good people. That’s our customer base! This is why we have a handshake deal without any fine print. If you have any problem with your bird feeder drop us a line and we'll get it taken care of as best we can, whatever it takes. As a matter of fact, if you choose you can call me personally at 660-973-6349 or email me at

We offer a 30 day return policy. All items must be returned by customer for any reason and we will refund your purchase. We also have the Lifetime Feeders option as well. 

There is only one thing we require and we think it is fair. If you have any problem or issue with one of our feeders and the first thing you do is go and leave a negative comment that will void any returns or refund promises. If you have an issue and contact us and we can't resolve that issue then you are free to leave any negative comments you want.


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Tree Bird Feeders LLC

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Shipping & Handling

Our shipping rates are calculated based upon weight and dimensions of product along with destination. They do include handling charges for packaging. We also offer flat rate shipping as well well as expedited shipping.   

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