A Woodpeckers Buffet

If you're wondering how a feeder can be specifically designed to attract woodpeckers, here's a quick rundown. First of all, this feeder has no perches, which deters other birds from taking all the food. The feeder offers suet as well as a large wire feeder for bigger foods like peanuts and larger sunflower seeds. On the other side, there's a smaller wire feeder for black oil sunflower seeds. So, all in all, this feeder is geared specifically towards attracting woodpeckers and other clinging birds.

Our Woodpecker Feeders come in three styles including: Knotty Pine, Beetle Kill Pine, and Cedar They are all treated with marine grade non-toxic epoxy which brings our the beauty of the wood and provides years of protection.

Our Unique Woodpecker Feeders

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  • Judy

    It took my several varieties of woodpeckers a couple of weeks to try the feeder (they are very careful birds!!). Once they did try it, they love it. It also attracts nuthatches & some other birds too. I am very happy with the quality of materials as well as the woodpecker seed option I purchased. This is a great business that cares about birds and makes quality products that they stand behind their workmanship! Thank you!

  • Rebecca D.

    Absolutely beautiful! I'll never buy a feeder anywhere else. Steve's feeders are only slightly pricier than a "standard issue" metal/plastic feeder, yet they look fantastic and are clearly very sturdy. The birds & squirrels routinely empty my other feeders onto the ground, but these are much more resistant to being "dumped." His shipping was also very fast and carefully packaged. My kids appreciated the little candies he tucked into the package.

  • Clyde S.

    Another great product When you value quality and design all the products from Tree Bird Feeders meet your needs. My latest purchase will go to my daughter after Christmas for her BD for her and family to enjoy. The Woodpecker Trunk should be a great hit.

  • Craig M.

    After anxiously opening the well packed box and scurrying through the packing material, I came upon this most beautiful piece of hand-crafted in America art. In my hands I held a feeder that I said to myself; this is too wonderful to hang outside, I should've bought two. Which I've very quickly without reservation done. Steve and Tree Bird Feeders are wonderful to do business with, the feeders are beyond words for the craftsmanship and care put into them. I'm beyond happy and look forward to many years of watching the birds enjoy these feeders as much as I do. BTW, I did hang them out and the birds have taken to them like ducks to water. Please support this company, throw all your cheaply made plastic feeders out and you'll have a lifetime of true enjoyment from these lovingly made products.