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Hummingbird Feeders
  • Hummingbird Feeders

    The Absolute Best Quality & Most Unique Hummingbird Feeder You Will Own!


    • GUARANTEED NOT TO LEAK, simple design that will not leak or we will replace it.
    • AVOID SPOILED NECTAR, because it's insulated by wood and foam insulation.
    • EASY TO CLEAN, a beautiful wood shell treated with marine grade polyeurathane with interior PVC.
    • Made in the USA, one at a time by hand on a rural farm in Missouri, not in a foreign factory.
    • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT Your not buying a cheap foreign made feeder put together in a factory. 
    • MY CONTACT INFO is on every page of the website, call or text me (660) 973-6349 or email me at chirp@treebirdfeeders.com.


    Three varieties to choose from:


    • Cedar: brownish cedar tone.  This is our base feeder at price shown. 
    • Red Cedar: made of aromatic red cedar and has more of a red tone than the regular cedar.  The Red Cedar is an additional $10 than the Cedar.
    • Limited Editions Heritage Series Hummiongbird Feeders, made of natural oak.  The Heritage is $15 more than the Cedar.  


    This year (2021) the Heritage Series Hummingbird Feeders are made of a beautiful natural oak. There are only 50 of these made this year and are sequenced 1 -50 on the plates, get yours now while supplies last.  The Heritage hummingbird feeders are  Sold out for this year. Next years Heritage Series will be made of American Ash and available by late November of this year.


    We also have limited supplies of refurbished hummingbird feeders.  You can also get these feeders in a smaller size on our Hummingbird Feeders Pod Page


    Free Shipping on orders of $200 or more.


    If you want to order additional items they can be found individually in our store. 

    • Order Instructions

      When ordering more than one feeder please add each feeder to your cart seperatly.  

      Please select all the ad ons as "none" or the quantity you want to order with that feeder or it will not process your order.   

    • Add On Descriptions

      • Ant Moat:  Keeps ants away from your feeder..  $7
      • Nectar Kit: Includes a nectar shaker that makes measuring and mixing your nectar a simple task, 1 lb of Hummingbird Market Nectar, & a bottle of feeder fresh. $20
      • Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Kit: Includes a large brush and a small brush for cleaning nectar ports. $7
      • Hummingbird Market Nectar: 2 lb bag of Hummingbird Market Nectar. The most nutritious nectar on the market. It has all the sugars found in natural plant nectar. $12
      • Conversion Kit: Turns your hummingbird feeder into a regular bird feeder. $28
    PriceFrom $19.63