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Our refurbished feeders are feeders that have small cosmetic blemishes that occured during the construction process of a returned feeder from the LIfetime Replacement Program taht have been refurbished.  They funciton just like a new feeder. 


Our customers say it best.


"Indestructible"      "Beautiful"      "A work of art"     "Best Hummingbird Feeder I've ever owned"      "Finally a hummingbird feeder Made in America"     "A hummingbird feeder at this price seemed a little high, then I received mine and wow its worth every penny"      "My hummingbirds love this feeder"    "Beautiful, unique one-of-a-kind feeder. Love It"


Hello, glad you made it to the place you've been looking for to find quality hand crafted bird feeders. If you have any questions please be sure to call or text me at 660-973-6349 or email:


Our hummingbird feeders come in 3 varieties:


  1. Cedar: brownish cedar tone.
  2. Red Cedar: made of aromatic red cedar and has more of a red tone than the regular cedar.
  3. Limited Editions Heritage Series Feeders


Our heritiage feeders are just like our other feeders except made with a different wood and in limited quantities. This year(2021) the Heritage Series Feeders are made of a beautiful natural oak. There are only 50 of these made this year and are sequenced 1 -50 on the plates, get yours now while supplies last.


Whichever feeder you choose you're going to love all the benefits of our VERY UNIQUE hummingbird feeder known as the Hummingbird Nectar Trunk. Some say its "unusual" but either way there truly is no other hummingbird feeder like it.


Whats best, yours will be unique! Each Hummingbird Nectar Trunk has its on characteristics based upon the grain of the beautiful wooden outer shell. Another great thing about our feeders is that we are one of a very few manufactures of bird feeders that are Made in the USA by a veteran owned family run business. You will still be using the Hummingbird Nectar Trunk several years from now when you will have replaced the store bought foreign made feeders 3-4 times over.


It takes 7 days to build a hummingbird feeder in our process, it isn't stamped out in a machine in a matter of seconds like over the counter feeders.


Check out the highlights below:


  • Does it leak? That's the biggest question I get from people about the hummingbird feeders. I run the feeders through two separate leak test during construction. I do this because if your feeder leaks I will get you a replacement.
  • Our hummingbird feeder has a 20 OUNCE CAPACITY, with 8 NECTAR PORTS AND 8 PERCHES. Thats enough nectar to significantly reduce the number of times you have to refill, which will SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME. 
  • Each hummingbird feeder has a UNIQUE natural rustic wood look other feeders can’t match. · A clean hummingbird feeder is critical when feeding hummingbirds. The Nectar Trunk has EASY TO CLEAN internal PVC protected from the heat and the UV light by an external wood shell treated with exterior grade polyurethane. The most durable and simple hummingbird feeder on the market. This feature makes our hummingbird feeders so SIMPLE TO KEEP CLEAN.
  • AVOID SPOILED NECTAR, because the Hummingbird Nectar Trunk is insulated keeping the nectar fresh longer than glass or plastic hummingbird feeders. Another feature that will reduce the frequency you need to refill it.
  • The Hummingbird Nectar Trunk is HANDCRAFTED IN THE USA by a SMALL VETERAN OWEND FAMILY RUN BUSINESS. All of our feeders are made one at a time by hand on a rural farm in Missouri, not in a foreign factory by machines.
  • Our feeders come with a Handshake Deal and a "Lifetime Replacement Program". When you purchase a feeder it becomes yours, but I still consider it mine as well. I consider you a friend, a member of the Tree Bird Feeder family. MY CONTACT INFO is on every page of the website, call or text me (660) 973-6349 or email me at You will be first in line as I will be your customer support contact not some call center with scripts to read back for customer support issues.


Thanks for looking & I look forward to enjoying feeding hummingbirds with you in the years to come. When your purchase your new hummingbird nectar trunk it will be the envy of your community. Purchase yours now & become a member of the Tree Bird Feeder Family today!  Each feeder comes with a FREE carabiner and bumper sticker. If you are ordering your feeder as a gift please email us with the date and we will try our very best to accommodate that request.


We also have limited supplies of refurbished humming bird feeders here Refurbished Hummingbird Feeders. Same great quality just at a lower price.  


When ordering your feeder be sure to check out our add on options:

  1. Necessities Kit: includes an ant moat to hang above your feeder to keep ants away and a cleaning kit perfect for cleaning your new hummingbird feeder.
  2. Nectar Kit: Includes a nectar shaker that makes measuring and mixing your nectar a simple task.  The nectar shaker also comes with 1 lb of Hummingbird Market Nectar, the best and most nutrirous nectar on the market.  It also comes with a bottle of feeder fresh, just a little bit of feeder fresh in your nectar makes it stay fresh even longer saving you money and time replacing nectar. 
  3. Hummingbird Fun Kit:  Includes a hummingbirde nectar ring that allows you to feed hummingbirds from the ring on your finger.  It also includes a "Enjoying Hummingbirds More" book that will tell you all you need to know about feedeing and enjoying hummingbirds. 
  4. Hummingbird Market Nectar:  Includes a 2 lb bag of Hummingbird Market Nectar.  This is the most nutricious nectar on the market.  It includes all the sugars that hummingbirds get in natural plant produiced nectar.  


If you want to order addtional items from the add on options they can all be found individually available in our store. 

Refurbished Hummingbird Nectar Trunk



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