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Tree Bird Feeder
  • Tree Bird Feeder

    The Tree Bird Feeder


    If you're here looking for a new bird feeder, thanks for looking and including Tree Bird Feeders in your search. We look forward to joining you in your efforts to feed and enjoy wild birds.


    The Tree Bird Feeder is our feature bird feeder, the top of the line among our feeders and a step above other bird feeders on the market. The Tree Bird Feeder is manufactured from the wood of a tree not the byproducts of petroleum, like most other feeders. The Tree Bird Feeder has a natural look resulting from the beautiful cedar wood from which it is made.


    When your feeding birds you want to see wild birds. You want to see lots of them and a wide variety too.  The birds you see are the result of the different types of food you offer and the variety of feeding methods available at your feeding station. The Tree Bird Feeder offers 6 different feeding methods for your wild birds. You can offer pretty much every type of food source with the Tree Bird Feeder. One feeder that offers as much as 6 other feeders, now that's a deal you can't pass up.


    At Tree Bird Feeders, all of our bird feeders are handcrafted right here in the United States by a small veteran-owned family run business. Our bird feeders are made one at a time by hand, not in a factory by machines. The exterior of the Tree Bird Feeder is protected with a marine grade polyeurathane.  Our bird feeders are environmentally friendly and add natural beauty to any bird feeding station.


    We sell our feeders with a Handshake Deal and best of all your new Bird Feeder will come with our "Lifetime Replacement Program".


    We feel it is Important  to give back while enhancing others appreciation of nature and wild birds a percentage of your purchases at Tree Bird Feeders, LLC goes to our Feeder Grant Program. As an owner of a Tree Bird Feeder you will be qualified to sponsor a school, nursing home, daycare, homeschool cooperative or any other educational institution in applying for a grant to receive a feeder and supplies.


    I don't consider you a customer when you purchase one of my feeders. When you make your purchase the feeder is yours but I still consider it mine as well. I consider you a partner in the hobby of feeding wild birds. My phone number and email is on every page of my website. I speak with customers regularly, almost daily, so don't hesitate to call me anytime with any questions, issues, highlights, etc. I frequently exchange emails, text, and phone conversations with my customers and enjoy hearing from them and their experience with my feeders.


    Features of the Tree Bird Feeder:

    1. A top tray feeder which attracts Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows, and Titmice· Two fruit spikes that attract Orioles, Chickadees, & Waxwings.
    2. Removable cups where jelly, mealworms, suet, nest material or whatever you want to offer can be placed. Jelly can attract Oriolesand mealworms can attract Bluebirds, Buntings, Flycatchers, and Titmice.
    3. Four suet tubes on the vertical portion of the trunk. Tree Bird Suet can be placed in these tubes or other suet if you choose. Suet attracts Woodpeckers, Wrens, Warblers, Nuthatches, and Flickers.
    4. A large wire feeder for larger seeds such as black oil sunflower that attracts the widest variety of birds of any food source with a large port feeder at the bottom.
    5. A small wire feeder for seed such as thistle or sunflower chips that attracts Finches, Redpolls, and Siskins.


    Thanks for looking and if you have any questions feel free to give me a call @ (660) 973-6349 or email me at chirp@treebirdfeeders.com

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