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Tree Bird Feeder Limb (Refurbished)

Refurbished Feeder

This is a refurbished feeder which means it has either been used and replaced as part of the Lifetime Feeder Program or has a small blemish that occurred during the production process. Either way are refurbished feeders function just like a new one and look really nice just like a new one.

The Tree Bird Feeder Limb is our smallest bird feeder. It is a beautiful rustic feeder that would look right at home in any yard. The Tree Bird Feeder Limb is for the bird feeder who just wants a small feeder that will attract wild birds.

The Tree Bird Feeder Limb is made from a 2" x 4" cedar board. On one side it has a tubular screen for feeding thistle and smaller seeds such as sunflower chips. On the other side it has a larger screen for feeding black oil sunflower or other types of medium size feed. This feeder is a finch magnet as well as a wide variety of other wild birds.

Down the middle the Tree Bird Feeder Limb has two suet tubes for placing Tree Bird Suet Cores or any other suet you would like to use. As with all our feeders the suet tube is lined with easy to clean metal. The Tree Bird Feeder Limb has a bottom platform and a cover platform with a clip for hanging it from a shepherds hook or any other hanger you might want to utilize. There are four perches at the bottom of the bird feeder and small perches by the suet tubes. The exterior of the Tree Bird Feeder Limb is treated with a an exterior epoxy and a marine grade exterior polyurethane that helps protect the wood from the elements and gives the feeder a nice natural look.

I don't consider you a customer when your purchase one of my feeders. I consider you a partner in the hobby of feeding wild birds. My phone number and email is on every page of my website. I speak with customers regularly, almost daily, so don't hesitate to call me with any questions, issues, highlights, etc.