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Tree Bird Super Suet Cakes 8 lb
  • Tree Bird Super Suet Cakes 8 lb

    Tree Bird Suet is the absolute best suet you can get on the market for feeding and attracting wild birds. It has everything birds need and love to eat and high in fat and protein. Each package contains enough suet to make two cakes that will fit into a standard wire suet feeder. If you have the Tree Bird Feeder or the TBF Limb you can use this to refill the tubes on those feeders as well. Please let us know you are ordering it for a Tree Bird Feeder you purchased in 2018 and we will get you the removable tubes free of charge. 

    We normally sell our suet for $2.99 per pound but only sell the 8lb pack online as it is shipped in a flat rate box, which saves on shipping.

    You can see our test results here that compares Tree Bird Super Suet with regular store bought suet.