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Woodpecker Feeder Trunk
  • Woodpecker Feeder Trunk

    Woodpecker Feeder - Trunk Style Woodpecker Feeder   

    Our Woodpecker Feeder is specially designed to favor woodpeckers and other clingers as compared to other bird feeders. The feeder offers three feeding methods, including a wire feeder for sunflowers and a larger wire feeder for fruits and nuts, two suet tubes, and a suet cage.  


    Woodpeckers are attracted to bird feeders that offer some of their favorite foods such as nuts, berries, dried insects and suet.  Our woodpecker feeder is designed to appeal to the woodpeckers by offering their favorite type of foods and by being perchless disuades some of the other birds eating up all the food.  


    We recomend a mix of peanuts, small dried fruits, striped sunflower, dried crickets or dried mealworms and whole corn on the large wire side and  black oil sunflower on the smaller wire side. 

    If you like woodpeckers you'll love this bird feeder.  

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