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Cardinal Feeder (Knotty Pine)

Cardinal Feeder (Knotty Pine)

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Cardinal Feeder Specifications

The Cardinal Feeder is made of beautiful Knotty Pine.

  • Exterior wood is treated with exterior marine grade coating
  • Two large feeding ports
  • Each port has a 3" sturdy oak perch
  • Inside wood is also treated with epoxy makes cleaning easy
  • Top cover is powder coated steel with a coppery finish
  • 1.5" fill port on the top to make for easy filling
  • Bottom opening for cleaning the inside
  • Holds approximately 2 pounds of seed depending on the type of seed.
  • Hangs from a hook

Designed for Cardinals

Designed to attract cardinals, the large feeder ports are the favorite of cardinals. Cardinals also love large sturdy perches that provides easy access to the feeder ports. The feeders weight makes it more stable while hanging from a hook as cardinals prefer a stable feeder. 

Easy to Clean & Fill

Keeping clean feeders is essential to bird health. Our Cardinal Feeder is one of the easiest feeders to keep clean. The outside wood of the cardinal feeder is treated with outdoor epoxy designed for boat hulls. The bottom of the feeder can be opened to easily access the inside of the Cardinal Feeder for cleaning. The Cardinal Feeder is easy to fill with a removable 1.5" port for filling. The feeder can be filled with out taking it down. It is best to fill the feeder with a cardinal blend feed, formulated for cardinals. 

Made In The USA!

The Tree Bird Feeders Cardinal Feeder is handcrafted right here in Missouri, not shipped in from China. The feeder is made of durable and beautiful cedar wood and the top is made of 1/8" powder coated steel so bring on the squirrels. This will be the most durable and well built bird feeder you will own. 


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