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Finch Feeder (Knotty Pine)

Finch Feeder (Knotty Pine)

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This Finch Feeder is made of beautiful knotty pine.

  • Bottom and tops is 1/8" plate steel with powder coated finish.
  • Bottom is removable for easy cleaning
  • Top has 1.5" fill hole for easy filling
  • Has a stainless steel hook on top made to hang from a hook
  • 12" tall holding approximately 3 lbs of seed

The Tree Bird Feeders Finch Feeder is a great feeder for Finch enthusiast. This feeder is designed for one thing, to attract and feed finches as well as other small seed eating birds. The finch feeder is available in two styles, cedar or beetle kill pine. The top and bottoms are 1/8" plate steel powder coated with a coppery finish.

This is the most durable and beautiful finch feeder on the market. It is has wooden perches to enhance your viewing opportunities of its visitors. This will be the most beautiful feeder in your yard and make a great addition to your feeding station or even if you are starting out it is an easy feeder to keep. 



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