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Hummingbird Nectar 2 lbs

Hummingbird Nectar 2 lbs

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The absolute best Hummingbird Nectar on the Market. If you want to have healthy hummingbirds at your feeders then Hummingbird Market Nectar is what you're looking for in a nectar source. I've been using Hummingbird Market Nectar for a few year and its the best I've used.Hummingbird Nectar is one of the few products at Tree Bird Feeders that we do not make ourselves. We retail Hummingbird Market Nectar for Hummingbirds so we can offer a top quality hummingbird nectar for our customers. We have researched several hummingbird nectar products and have found the Hummingbird Market Nectar produced by Hummingbird Market LLC of Tucson Arizona to be at the top of the list for nectar that replicates what Hummingbirds naturally feed on in plants. Hummingbird Market Nectar is formulated with "All Natural" plant sugars that most closely replicate nectar from Mother Nature's flowers. The powdered mix is easy to mix with warm tap water, no boiling required. It is a clear nectar with no red dyes. One pound of mix makes 64 ounces of Hummingbird Nectar. Hummingbird Market nectar simulates the natural nectar of nature’s flowers better than, simple sugar or any other nectar available and is more cost-effective. Once ingested, the hummingbird transforms this complex formula into their ideal sugar – glucose! This, in turn, is digested and absorbed as 100% energy, giving the birds an equal return on energy expended. There are dozens of research studies that chart the ingredients of floral nectar and sucrose is not the only component. Everyone promulgates that white table sugar/ sucrose offers the birds the best carbohydrate but this is indeed misinformation. There is more to it.Simple white processed table sugar is not nectar for our fast-moving friends.“ Yes, white table sugar/ sucrose does indeed attract the hummingbirds to a feeder but it does not come the closest to floral nectar and it is not the most healthful.

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