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Oriole Feeders

Oriole Feeders

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Feeder Specifications


  • Over all length is 10" and holds 1 jar of Jelly.

  • 4 Spikes for oranges cut in half. This feeder will hold 2 oranges.

  • 4 feeding ports for jelly and 4 perches.


If you like beautiful vocal birds then you need an oriole feeder. Offering food in your feeder will encourage these magnificent birds to nest nearby allowing you to hear their beautiful songs through the summer.  


Easy To Clean and Maintain

The Tree Bird Oriole Feeder is easy to clean and fill. It has all internal PVC and is easy to fill in the large opening at the bottom. 


Most Unique Oriole Feeder on the Market

The Tree Bird Feeder Oriole Trunk is the most unique Oriole Feeder on the market. It offers jelly and fruits. 


Attracts Other Birds Too By providing jelly and fruit the Oriole Feeder doesn't just attract orioles but lots of variety of woodpeckers and other birds will frequent the feeder.


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