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Songbird Feeder (Cedar) with Suet Basket

Songbird Feeder (Cedar) with Suet Basket

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Our songbird feeder is the perfect "catch all" bird feeder. It has a chamber for small thistle seed on one side and a chamber for larger Black Oil sunflower on the other side.  These feeding methods allow this feeder to attract the widest variety of songbirds to your yard.   Our songbird feeder comes in cedar, beetle kill pine, and knotty pine.  

Songbird Feeder Specifications 12”

  • Main body comes in 3 choices of wood: Knotty Pine, Beetle Kill Pine, and cedar

  • Full length is 12”

  • Wood is treated with exterior marine grade coating

  • Top cover and bottom are powder coated steel with a coppery finish

  • 1.5" fill port on the top to make for easy filling each chamber

  • One side has larger wire for sunflower seeds and the other side has smaller wire for thistle seed  

  • Sunflower chamber holds approximately 1.5 lbs of black oil sunflower

  • Thistle seed chamber holds 2 lbs of thistle

  • Hangs from a hook

  • A bottom suet basket that magnetically mounts to the bottom.


These feeders are built to last and treated with a non toxic epoxy that helps to protect the wood and bring out the beauty of the wood as well. Perches are made of durable stainless steel. The tops and bottoms are made with 1/8" powder coated steel with a coppery finish.

Easy to Clean

The steel bottom plate of the feeder is easily removed. This makes cleaning the feeder easy to do which is important to the life of the feeder and the health of the birds.

Made In The USA

Be proud to purchase a product Made in America from a veteran owned business. 

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