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The IdentiFlyer Lyric with 2 SongCards - 40 backyard birds

The IdentiFlyer Lyric with 2 SongCards - 40 backyard birds

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"IdentiFlyer is the BEST tool you can use to identify birds by sight or song!" John Robinson, Ornithologist, Amazon best-selling author, and author of “Birding For Everyone” says: “Identifying birds by their song is one of the most important, yet most difficult, skills for any birder to learn. The IdentiFlyer Lyric is the best new tool you can use to identify birds by sight or song and in minutes, not years!”Experts identify birds 75% of the time by their songand they use two techniques that speed the learning process. We incorporated these into our new IdentiFlyer Lyric:1) Divide and conquer: There are over 800 birds in North America so experts recommend that you simplify the challenge by learning the birds in your habitat. If you are in the backyard, focus on the 30 most commonly heard in the backyard. If you are in the forest, learn the 10 most commonly heard forest birds. 2) Mnemonics: The Lyrics give you the words and phrases that match the music of the bird's song. Each song can be played in the “Lyric” mode which includes the song’s mnemonics (words and phrases that sound like the song) and help connect the bird’s song to its name and picture. For example, “Drink your tea” sounds just like the Eastern Towhee’s song. “Hula hoop, hoop” sounds like the Mourning Dove’s song. Learning bird songs is easier for the non-expert because they hear the bird’s name, see its picture, hear a verbal description of the song (lyrics) and hear it's song.The IdentiFlyer Lyric includes: Two double-sided Super SongCards* - 40 Eastern & Western YardBirds Volume Control Play songs in 2 Modes SONG MODE - most commonly heard song. LYRIC MODE – words and phrases that help you remember the song. Kick Stand Port for ear bud Includes 3 AAA Batteries

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