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The Tree Bird Feeder

Tree Bird Feeder

The Tree Bird Feeder is our feature bird feeder.  It has a natural look and is a versatile bird feeder. This bird feeder will attract a wide variety of wild birds. It is handcrafted in the USA and built to last.

The Tree Bird Feeder is made of natural cedar. It is environmentally friendly and adds natural beauty to any bird feeding station.

Features of the Tree Bird Feeder:


  • A top tray feeder which attracts Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows, and Titmice

  • Two fruit spikes that attract Orioles, Chickadees, & Waxwings.

  • Removable cups where jelly, mealworms, suet, nest material or whatever you want to offer can be placed. Jelly can attract Orioles and mealworms can attract Bluebirds, Buntings, Flycatchers, and Titmice.

  • Three suet tubes on the vertical portion of the trunk. Tree Bird Suet can be placed in these tubes or other suet if you choose. Suet attracts Woodpeckers, Wrens, Warblers, Nuthatches, and Flickers.

  • A large wire feeder for larger seeds such as black oil sunflower that attracts a wide variety of birds.

  • A small wire feeder for seed such as thistle or sunflower chips that attracts Finches, Redpolls, and Siskins.

  • The exterior of the bird feeder is treated with a non-toxic exterior epoxy that provide protection from moisture which will ensure a long life for your feeder. 



Tree Bird Feeder

And of course it comes with our Handshake Deal. Also, a percentage of your purchases at Tree Bird Feeders LLC goes to our Feeder Grant Program.

 Woodpecker Feeder Trunk


Do You Love Woodpeckers & Clingers

This is the best wooden woodpecker feeder available. It has two suet tubes, a suet basket on bottom and a 2 wire feeders in the middle, one for medium seed and one for larger seed such as peanuts. This feeder does not have perches so it is utilized more by woodpeckers and other clingers. It will get used by most other birds but this feeder does favor woodpeckers.

Creative Solutions

If you're having problems with woodpeckers pecking on your house the Woodpecker Feeder Trunk just might be what you're looking for to protect your home. Most of the time woodpeckers are looking for food by excavating your homes exterior. Our wooden Woodpecker Feeder Trunk makes a good distraction as they will find food easily and reduce the times they are hammering your house apart in search of food.

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Tree Bird Feeder Limb

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The Tree Bird Feeder Limb is made of durable cedar and galvanized steel wire. It is built to last a long time. I believe it is built so well it comes with a lifetime replacement program.

Handcrafted In The USA


The Tree Bird Feeder Line of products are built right here in the USA one at a time by a small veteran owned business. My email and phone number are on every page of this site and I handle all customer service myself.

Small & Easy

The Tree Bird Feeder Limb is our smallest bird feeder. It is great for those who don't want to be handling something large and heavy. It is very easy to fill and will easily hang from a hook.

Easy To Clean

The cedar wood is treated with a marine grade exterior polyurethane. This exterior treatment protects the wood and makes the feeder very easy to clean. The open wire feeding tubes provides plenty of air to the food storage, which helps keep the feeder free of harmful things and makes cleaning it a breeze.  The bottom of the feeder comes off which makes  cleaning the inside easy. 

Attracts A Wide Variety Of Birds

The Tree Bird Feeder Limb has 3 feeding methods. A large wire tube for larger seeds such as Black Oil Sunflower. A small wire tube for thistle seed. Suet tubes for suet. This variety of feeding methods allows for a verity of food to be offered which helps to attract a diversity of birds to the feeder.


Cardinal Feeder

Our Cardinal Feeder will not be available until November 1st, 2021 just in time for Christmas.